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Are Collar Thobes Popular Among Men?

A thawb (thobe or tobe) is a long, baggy garment. It is a staple of traditional men's attire in many Muslim-majority areas. However, with tastes and fashion changing, the question of ‘Are collar thobes popular among men?’ is a particular concern.

The Allure of Collared Thawbs

Collared tobes mix a classic historical style with a dash of modern flair to create a unique design. This is why they could be attractive:


The collared design gives the classic thobe silhouette a touch of formality and refinement. It is appropriate for various activities, including formal social settings, religious assemblies, and cultural events.


Collar tobes are available in a wide array of materials, hues, and embroidery designs. This satisfies a variety of tastes and enables customisation. Bolder hues and embroidery can create a statement. However, a simple white tobe with a collar emanates classic beauty.

Practicality and Comfort

The tobe's loose fit, which may be worn with or without a collar, guarantees comfort and practicality in warm temperatures. It has a more structured appearance. However, the collared version maintains this level of comfort.

Favorability of Collared Thawbs

Depending on the area, collared  thobes can have different levels of popularity. A peek at specific trends is provided below:

Gulf Region

Collar dishdashas are fashionable in Gulf nations like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Both casual and formal settings frequently feature them.

North Africa

Traditional collarless kanduras are still more common in North African nations like Morocco and Algeria. On the other hand, collared shirts are becoming more popular, especially with younger men who value their current style.

Beyond the Arab World

Muslim populations worldwide are becoming increasingly interested in collared kanduras. Men looking for a fashionable and culturally relevant outfit find great appeal in their fusion of heritage and modernity.

Are Collar Thobes Popular Among Men?

The decision between a classic collarless robe and a collared robe ultimately boils down to personal taste.  Here are some things to think about:


Because of its extra formality, a collar thobe can be the better option for formal occasions.

Personal Style

Collar sweaters may be the go-to option for men who prefer a sleek, contemporary appearance.

Cultural Context

It is critical to observe local customs and clothing rules.

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The Bottom Line

So, are collar thobes popular among men?

The appeal of collared dishdashas may differ according to the area. Such robes provide an alluring blend of style, comfort, and cultural importance. For many years, collar tobes will undoubtedly be an essential component of men's Islamic clothing, whether they are a fashion statement or a matter of personal taste.

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