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Are Thobes Sunnah?

Thawbs (thobes or tobes) are an everyday attire among Muslim men. Women also wear long robes aligned with femininity. Many people ask: Are thobes sunnah? If yes, can non-muslims wear a thobe?

Thawbs are native to Middle Eastern and North African nations. They come in a variety of patterns and colours. These ankle-length robes are usually loose-fitting. They are linked to modesty and humility. Such dresses have come to represent Islamic culture. But are thobes sunnah?

What is Sunnah in Islam?

Sunnah is the precepts and customs of the Prophet Mohammadﷺ. It includes all of his words, deeds, endorsements, and criticisms.

For Muslims, the Holy Quran and Sunnah is the perfect guidance to live a virtuous life.

History of Thawbs

Despite their intimate association with Islamic culture, thobes are not explicitly mentioned in the Quran or Hadith. Instead, their ancestors may be found in the clothes that the Arabian Peninsula's residents wore before the arrival of Islam.

It is said that the Prophet Muhammadﷺ himself wore similar clothes, demonstrating the ease of wear and practicality of the clothes typical of the people in that area.

Islamic Traditional Thobes

Despite not being explicitly referenced in Islamic scripture, all types of thawbs, such as Moroccan thobes, have been widely accepted by Muslim communities around the globe. Many academics see wearing loose-fitting, modest clothes, like thobes, as in line with Islamic values of humility and modesty. The garment's simplicity aligns with the Prophet's teachings on moderation and abstaining from extravagant clothing.

Can Non-Muslims Wear a Thobe?

Yes, everyone can wear a thawb.

However, please be mindful to respect all religious and cultural teachings. Otherwise, you might hurt someone’s feelings.

Beyond its religious importance, thobes have cultural significance in many Middle Eastern and North African nations. They are frequently worn at essential events like weddings, religious rituals, and festivals.

Consequently, non-Muslims who decide to wear thobes have to do so with consideration for the cultural customs connected to the article of clothing.

The Bottom Line

So, are thobes sunnah?

Considering the narrations and authentic Islamic teachings, wearing a thawb can be believed to be a sunnah. However, the main emphasis is on dressing modestly for both men and women. Muslims frequently wear Emirati thobes as a sign of humility and modesty, keeping with the Prophet Muhammad's teachings. When non-Muslims decide to wear thobes, they should do it with deference and understanding of the garment's cultural importance. Encouraging harmony and understanding in multicultural society requires accepting variety and honouring cultural customs.


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