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Brown Thobes vs Black Thobes

If you’re having doubts about different colours of  thobes, you’re at the right place. The decision between brown thobes vs black thobes is yours to make!

A staple of traditional clothing for men in many areas is the thawb (thobe or tobe). It is a long, loose-fitting garment that represents elegance and modesty in your personality. In other countries, this dress is renowned by different names, such as ‘Dishdasha’ or ‘Kandura’.

The Subdued Grace of Brown Thawbs

Brown colours inspire a sense of connectivity to the land and tradition. It evokes images of rich oases and arid dunes. Wearing a brown kandura can be seen as a subdued nod to heritage. It offers a stabilising presence in the constantly changing realm of fashion.

Warmth and Versatility

Several options are available within the range of brown tones. For daytime parties, lighter hues like beige radiate an ideal yet casual elegance. Chocolate and other darker browns provide a hint of formality without diminishing the sense of approachability.

Accommodating Accessories

Brown's unassuming elegance lends itself to creative accessorising. A striking headpiece or a colourful embroidered sash can enhance your ensemble and add a splash of brightness. In addition, a pair of brown trousers look great with formal footwear, such as leather sandals.

The Strength and Refinement of Black Thawbs

Black is a classic shade that conveys power and refinement. A black dishdasha is perfect for formal events, religious ceremonies, or significant meetings. It can quickly make a bold and distinguishing impression.

Intrinsic Attraction

Black's intrinsic ability to attract attention makes you stand out in a crowd. A black tobe projects an impression of grandeur and subdued confidence. It signifies a preference for a more formal and ceremonial manner.

Minimalist Look

The sleek lines and profile of the tobe take centre stage - thanks to the natural beauty of black. It evokes a feeling of subtle elegance. This outfit is ideal if you value a minimalist look.

Brown Thobes vs Black Thobes

The choice between brown thobes vs black thobes ultimately comes down to your preferences and the event you attend.

Use brown-coloured thawbs to show off your cultural link, or choose a more conventional or relaxed style.

Opt for black-coloured thawbs for formal occasions, religious ceremonies, or when you want to project an elegant and powerful presence!

The Bottom Line

Now you know the distinguishing features to debate on brown thobes vs black thobes!

Remember that both hues offer timeless beauty and cultural value. The secret is to recognise the subtle messages that each shade communicates. Al-Haq Thobes Shop provides a versatile range of thawbs, so you can choose the one that makes you steal all the gazes!


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