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Can I Wear Jeans Under Abaya?

Abayas and thobes are becoming more popular. Muslims wear these robe-like garments to protect their physicality, but they are also fashionable attire these days. You can wear anything under these gowns. You might be thinking, 'Can I wear jeans under abaya?

Some cultural practices have given rise to many myths regarding women wearing jeans. It is important to note that 'jeans' are pants or trousers made from a 'denim' or 'dungaree' fabric. So, can I wear jeans under abaya?

Are Jeans Allowed in Islam?

Islamic men and women wear modest clothes. Their dresses should not reveal their physicality. For instance, Islam forbids men and women to wear tight or body-fitted clothes.

Wearing jeans is allowed in Islam. However, you must ensure that your jeans are not body-fitted and made of see-through material.

Can I Wear Jeans Under Abaya?

Yes, you can wear jeans under a gown. There are several things to consider while thinking about donning types of denim underneath an abaya:

Comfort and Fit

Choose jeans that do not restrict your movement. Select pants that are not too tight to guarantee comfort during the day.


Ensure your pants are the right length to prevent pain or awkwardness. To ensure sufficient covering, the jeans should ideally cover the ankles.


Choose breathable, lightweight jeans to avoid overheating, particularly in hot areas. Please consider the material of the abaya to ensure it fits well and is comfortable.


Try on several pants designs and colours to discover a combination that complements your abaya. Whether you choose traditional blue denim or modern-coloured jeans, you have countless options for putting together fashionable ensembles.

Blending Modesty with Style

Wearing jeans under an abaya may appear out of the ordinary at first. However, many women find that it is both fashionable and functional. By donning trousers underneath an abaya, one can seem stylish and modest at the same time.

The Bottom Line

So, can I wear jeans under abaya?

It is quite acceptable to wear jeans underneath an abaya. It gives traditional clothing a contemporary edge. You can effortlessly blend style with modesty by selecting fabric, length, and fit. It is critical to value individual expression while honouring local customs and standards. Therefore, whether you can wear jeans beneath your abaya is yes!

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