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Can Non-Muslims Wear Thobe?

Muslim men in different countries commonly wear a thawb (thobe or tobe). But can non-muslims wear thobe?

Thawb, also known as dishdasha or kandura, is a customary ankle-length garment mainly worn in the Gulf countries and frequently associated with Arab culture.

The eternal appeal of this robe-like dress stems from its clean, uncomplicated design. It stands high for elegance and modesty. Therefore, many men question, ‘Can non-Muslims wear thobe?’. The shortest answer is yes!

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Are Thobes Islamic or Cultural?

Despite having its roots in Islamic history, the tobe is not just a religious garment. Many Arab nations have it as a part of their cultural legacy. Besides, men from different backgrounds don this outfit with pride!

Embrace Cultural Understanding

One way for a non-Muslim to appreciate another culture is to wear a kandura. It expresses appreciation and respect for the culture that gave rise to the clothing.

However, wearing a kandura with respect and awareness of its cultural significance is crucial. Wear it as a sign of reverence for the tradition it symbolises rather than as a novelty or costume.

Can Foreigners Wear Thobe?

So, can foreigners wear thobe? Why not!

To blend in and respect local norms, foreigners who live in or travel to Arab countries frequently wear thobes, particularly during religious or cultural activities. It is usual to witness visitors and expatriates dressing locally.

Valuable Tips for Donning Thawb

Wearing a tobe might also be helpful for outsiders. The clothing is made to be cosy in the Arabian Peninsula's warm weather. It is the perfect garment to stay cool in hot weather because of its airy fabric and relaxed fit.

In addition, dressing locally is a gesture of respect and integration. It facilitates the development of relationships between visitors and locals.

To guarantee that you wear a thobe with respect, you should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The way you wear this dress may differ slightly depending on the location. Comprehending these subtleties is crucial.
  • Avoid wearing it in a way that trivialises or mocks the culture.
  • Ensure to show the utmost respect for the local traditions and customs when donning a tobe in a religious environment.

The Bottom Line

So, can non-muslims wear thobe?

Any man can wear the thawb. Wear it as long as you appreciate and recognise its traditional and cultural value. It is a stunning robe that cuts across cultural and religious lines. It represents a shared admiration for Arab culture. Al-Haq Thobes Shop guides you to wearing it with consideration. Honour and cherish the many traditions for our men’s thawbs collection!


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