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Difference Between Open Abaya and Closed Abaya

An abaya (aba or burqa) is a modest and graceful garment for women. The difference between open abaya and closed abaya is the main concern for many women who prefer this garment as their main outfit.

Traditionally, women wore simple burqas to guard their physicality. Today, feminine, modest fashion has risen to the point where an abaya can be worn as the main outfit. Therefore, learning the difference between an open abaya and a closed abaya is crucial so you can choose the style that aligns with your personality.

Al-Haq Thobes UK helps you explore the main difference between open abaya and closed abaya. It will enable you to select the ideal piece for your event and personal style.

The Tempting Open Abaya: An Artistic Canvas

The open abaya has a front opening. It produces a layered impression. Complete covering frequently necessitates the use of an inner garment. But it is precisely this characteristic that makes it a safe space for self-expression:

Unbound Versatility

Open-front burqa effortlessly transforms you from casual to elegant. It exudes versatility. Pair it with loafers and a sharp pantsuit for a sleek, professional appearance. When a flowing maxi dress peeks out the front, it instantly elevates it for an evening occasion.

Play with Textures

Try contrasting textiles in this textural play. Layer a silk inner dress with a lightweight chiffon abaya draped over it to add a touch of elegance. Dress like a bohemian by wearing a flowing embroidered slip underneath an airy, open abaya.

Accessorise Mindfully

Your accessories will look amazing on display, thanks to your open abaya!

A bold belt gives a little flair while tightening the waist—a flash of colour from a contrasting scarf peep through the open front.

Abayas with Closed Front: A Classic Style

The closed abaya has a more conventional shape. This garment is frequently described as long and flowing, exuding grace without effort.

Simple Chic

The closed abaya personifies grab-and-go sophistication. It is an outfit, so there's no need to worry about layering. This aba is the ideal, modest solution to look elegant without trying or on hectic mornings.

Honouring the Details

Abayas with closed sleeves frequently have beautiful pleating, fine beading, or elaborate embroidery, which elevate them to the status of a statement item.

Formal Talent

For formal events, the closed abaya makes sense. Seek for luxurious materials such as silk or velvet. Contemplate using an embroidered pattern for a very striking appearance.

Difference Between Open Abaya and Closed Abaya

The difference between open and closed abaya ultimately comes down to your choices. Here are some more things to think about:

  • Choose airy, light materials in open and closed forms for warmer weather.
  • Open and closed-front burqas elongate different body shapes. If you're small in stature, consider wearing an open abaya with a defined waist to prevent seeming overdressed. Taller ladies may easily pull off both looks.
  • Do you wish you had a more sophisticated, layered appearance? If so, an open abaya can be the ideal choice. A closed abaya is a traditional option if you want understated elegance.

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The Bottom Line

Now that you have learned the fundamental difference between open abaya and closed abaya, there's an ideal aba out there just waiting to be found. It perfectly captures your flair, confidently celebrates your beliefs, and gracefully reflects your personality.


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