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Emirati Thobes Prices in UK

The Emirati thawb (or kandura) is a unique piece of clothing. It possesses an ankle-length silhouette and a loose fit. It has grown in popularity in the UK. Therefore, many people keep searching about Emirati thobes prices in UK.

Kandura is a flexible garment for both formal events and everyday use. It offers exquisite simplicity and cultural relevance. This gives you an extensive idea of Al-Haq Thobes Shop Emirati thobes prices in UK if you're thinking about adding one to your collection.

Which Factors Influence the Cost of Kanduras?

The cost of kanduras in the UK is determined by a number of factors:


The fabric of the dress plays a fundamental role. Premium materials like silk or pure cotton will naturally cost more than mixtures of synthetic materials. These high-quality textiles have excellent drapes and comfort.


Emirati thawbs are frequently finely created by hand, including dexterous embroidery and fine details. The cost is commensurate with this degree of craftsmanship.


Thawbs are available in many different forms, ranging from traditional white to ones with colourful embroidery or striking embellishments. Generally speaking, more complex designs will cost more.


Hand-stitched in the United Arab Emirates, genuine kanduras are often more expensive than their foreign-made counterparts.

Emirati Thobes Prices in UK

Given the considerations above, the following summarises Emirati tobe costs in the UK:

Budget-Friendly (about £25-£40)

This line comprises tobes manufactured from synthetic mixes or basic cotton materials. They cannot have precise details and are not mass-produced.

Mid-Range (about £40–£70)

Items in this category are composed of premium cotton or cotton mixes. They could include some decorative stitches, such as contrasting or delicate embroidery.

Premium (over £70)

Items in this category are made of pricey materials like silk or pure cotton. They frequently include exquisite handiwork, needlework, and original design features. Authentic UAE-made Emirati thobes are usually priced in this category.

Additional Factors to Think About

Online shops frequently offer competitive prices. However, you might not be able to test on the thobe to determine size before buying.

While putting on clothes is permitted in physical stores, the cost may be slightly more.

You can get a fantastic price on an Emirati thobe by keeping an eye out for seasonal sales, deals, and discount coupons.

The Bottom Line

The ideal Emirati thobes prices in UK ultimately rely on your preferences and financial situation. Take into account the previously listed aspects. Choose a kandura that fits your body shape. It must be well-made and should be composed of cosy materials. You effortlessly include a subtle ethnic element into your wardrobe by conducting some study and finding the ideal Emirati tobe.


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