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Grey Emirati Thobe vs Brown Emirati Thobe

Thawb (thobe or tobe) is an essential component of Emirati culture. It is also known as kandura or dishdasha in many countries. It is a long, flowing robe for men that represents grace and modesty. Thobes are available in different colours and styles. In this guide, you will witness the debate on grey Emirati thobe vs brown Emirati thobe and decide which one to don on what occasions.

Thawbs are customarily white. However, contemporary Emirati designs offer the opportunity to exhibit your uniqueness through a broader colour palette. The grey and brown Emirati tobes are well-liked options for native and non-native wearers.

Eternal Allure of Grey Emirati Thawbs

An air of subdued richness and serene assurance permeates the grey Emirati kandura. This is why it might be the best option for you:


Grey has a surprising amount of flexibility. It ranges from a lighter, crisp grey suitable for summertime to a darker charcoal best suited for formal occasions.

Consider a deeper shade of grey tobe for a more formal evening event. Pair a lighter grey one with a clean white bisht (cloak).


Grey shade offers a natural refinement. It gives your personality a sophisticated look with an everlasting impact.

Simple Care

Grey dishdashas are helpful for regular wear. They can tolerate minor stains and dust better than lighter hues.

The Earthy Elegance of Brown Emirati Thawbs

The brown Emirati robe gives your outfit a dash of cosiness and solidity. When making your decision, take into account the following factors:


Brown conjures up images of wealth and ancestry. This shade is frequently associated with the natural world, making it a fantastic option if you value being connected to the planet.


Brown hues provide a lovely annual transition. For a summertime vibe, go for lighter shades like beige. In the winter, embrace darker chocolate tones for a hint of warmth.


Brown isn't as flashy as some other colour options. However, it still lets you make a statement. This is the ideal option if you wish to stand out from the crowd without being unduly showy.

Grey Emirati Thobe vs Brown Emirati Thobe

The ideal shade for your Emirati thobe ultimately depends on your taste. Think of the event you're dressing for, the atmosphere you want to portray, and your current wardrobe.

Here are a few more pointers:

The Choice of Fabric

Lighter tones of grey and brown look well on lightweight textiles like cotton or linen. For an opulent look, consider using silk or wool mixes in richer tones.

Accessorise Mindfully

A well-selected bisht, a signature wristwatch, and a suitable pair of footwear can enhance your appearance and complement the colours you have picked.

The Bottom Line

So, now you know what to decide between grey Emirati thobe vs brown Emirati thobe!

Kanduras allow you to showcase your sense of fashion and cultural background. You can easily switch from brown's earthy warmth to grey's calm confidence.

Al-Haq Thobes Shop is always at your service to help you confidently choose the ideal thawbs for any occasion.


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