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How Much a Thobe Business Makes Year?

The apparel industry has long been a desirable business sector in which to start. The thawb industry is a speciality that has grown significantly in the United Kingdom. But how much a thobe business makes year in the UK?

A thawb (thobe or tobe) is traditional clothing for men of all ages. In many cultures, this graceful attire is becoming increasingly well-liked locally and internationally. In several nations, a thawb is also called kandura or dishdasha.

If you are planning to enter the apparel industry of thawbs, you must know how much a thobe business makes year in the United Kingdom. Al-Haq Thobes Shop presents a detailed guide on the UK's thawb market so you can start this business.

An Insight into Thawb Market

Before exploring possible profits, it is essential to comprehend the workings of the kandura business.

Kanduras and Moroccan thobes are more than simply clothes. They have an enticing cultural importance. Men frequently wear Kanduras casually and formally. They accommodate a range of interests and inclinations by offering a variety of styles, materials, and patterns.

How Much a Thobe Business Makes Year?

The following variables affect the dishdasha business's earnings:

Design and Quality

The price and demand for these robes are primarily determined by their quality and design. Exquisite textiles and elaborate patterns frequently fetch greater prices.

Target Market

Determining the target audience is essential. You must know if you will be selling these thobes locally or internationally. Doing so facilitates pricing tactics and advertising endeavours.

Marketing and Branding

Marketing and branding of a business impact sales. Customers are attracted to your business via your prominent presence on:

  • Social media
  • A well-designed website presence
  • Formal events and meetings


Earnings are also impacted by the degree of market competition. Providing greater quality or distinctive designs can give you a competitive advantage.

Production Expenses

To stay profitable, production expenses must be controlled. It also includes expenses for:

  • Labour
  • Fabric
  • Sewing

Prospective Earnings

A well-established thawb firm has the potential to make a considerable profit. Let's examine possible profits with an example.

Revenue from Sales

With an average selling price of £100 and a conservative assumption of 500 tobes sold yearly, the yearly income would be £50,000.

Gross Profits

Assuming a 50% gross profit margin, the gross profit amounts to £25,000.

Operating Costs

Employer salary, marketing, utilities, and rent are operating expenditures. Assume that running costs will total £10,000.

Net Profit

After deducting operational costs from gross profit, the amount left over is £15,000.

The Bottom Line

Learning how much a thobe business makes year is vital if you approach it wisely. You can increase profits by providing high-quality items. Focus on the appropriate market and put good marketing techniques into practice. Even if the numbers are approximations, they demonstrate the profit potential that a well-run company may have.


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