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How Much Does an Abaya Company Make?

Styles and cultural influences take many different forms throughout the fashion business. One of these is the abaya, which is a customary dress for Muslim women. It has had a notable global upsurge in popularity. So, if you’re planning to start an abaya business, you must know its prerequisites and observe how much does an abaya company make.

Al-Haq Thobes Shop presents the significance of fashionable butterfly abayas. You will also learn how much does an abaya company make and how can you start your business.

In addition to countries with most Muslims, Western countries also value diversity. They have seen a steady rise in the demand for abayas. A multitude of variables are driving its need, such as:

  • Modesty preferences
  • Fashion trends
  • Cultural pride

Revenue Streams

Typically, abaya businesses make money through a variety of channels:

Direct Sales

Selling abayas to customers directly via online or physical retailers.


Supplying abayas to merchants for eventual consumer sale.

Custom Orders

Offering customised abaya services based on personal preferences.


Supplying belts, jewellery, and hijabs to go with the abayas.

The relative contribution of each revenue stream to an abaya firm's total income varies according to the target market and business style.

Elements That Impact Profitability

The following variables affect an abaya company's profit margin:

Design and Quality

Extensive designs and premium materials frequently fetch higher pricing, which boosts company margins.

Brand Name Recognition

Reputable companies with a devoted following may command higher pricing, which increases revenue.

Production Expenses

The cost of people, materials, and production processes directly impacts profitability.

Distribution and Marketing

Sales may be increased, and earnings can be maximised using effective distribution networks and marketing techniques.

Profit Evaluation: How Much Does an Abaya Company Make?

An efficient abaya business can make a sizable profit. However, it is not easy to pinpoint a precise amount.

Direct Sales

Depending on volume and price, direct sales may bring in a sizable sum of money. If 100 abayas are sold monthly at an average price of £50 each, a firm may make £5,000 in income.


Businesses may access a broader market by providing abayas to stores at wholesale costs. £15,000 might be made by selling 500 abayas to stores for £30 per.

Custom Orders

Prices for bespoke abaya services are often higher. Twenty bespoke orders completed monthly at an average cost of £100 may bring in £2,000 for the business.


While they might generate less income than abayas alone, accessories bring in extra money. At £10 per, 200 hijabs might bring in £2,000.

The Bottom Line

The profitability of an abay firm is contingent upon market demand, quality, branding, and business tactics. Even though the precise number is hard to pinpoint, a well-established abaya business can bring in much money from various sources. If you fully comprehend how much does an abaya company make, you can enjoy it as a profitable venture in the fashion sector.


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