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How to Fold Thobe?

In many world regions, men wear traditional clothing called a thobe (thawb, tobe, kandura, or dishdasha). Clothing items demand care. Therefore, you must know how to fold thobe to put it in your wardrobe or bag while travelling quickly.

A thawb is an icon of cultural history. It oozes beauty, elegance, and modesty. Folding a thobe helps maintain its immaculate appearance and ensures that the dress fits inside your luggage without creasing.

Folding Thawbs  with Skills

Learning how to fold thobe is a valuable skill, whether you're travelling or just keeping your clothes organised. Al-Haq Thobes Shop presents a detailed guide so you can keep your dresses in order, whether you're home or on a recreational trip!

Clean the Surface

Find a clean, smooth surface in your room. Ensure your tobe has no creases or wrinkles by laying it flat on this surface.

Collar and Button Alignment

For a smooth, consistent surface, fully button the kandura and straighten the collar.

Tucking in the Sleeves

Carefully fold the sleeves to lay flat and wrinkle-free next to the robe.

Fold in Half

Ensure the edges of the robe line up precisely as you fold it in half vertically.

Fold the Lower Part

Make a straight edge at the bottom by folding the bottom up towards the collar.

Finished Fold

Depending on your desired compactness and bag size, fold the thobe horizontally into quarters or thirds.

Reducing Wrinkles

For a polished look, gently iron out any creases or wrinkles.

How to Fold Thobe in a Bag?

  • Choose a bag that will hold the folded dishdasha in place without causing too much squeezing or wrinkles.
  • To reduce creasing, fold the dress in compact, equal folds before packing.
  • Tissue paper can be inserted between the thobe's folds to defend against creases and wrinkles.
  • Instead of placing the folded robe flat inside the bag, think about rolling it if there isn't much room. This technique helps lessen creasing and save space.
  • Carefully place the folded tobe into the bag. Ensure it is not crammed in too tightly or rubbed against anything that might wrinkle it.
  • Be aware of the contents of your luggage when handling it. Refrain from causing creases with harsh handling or excessive movement.

The Bottom Line

To ensure that a thobe travels smoothly in a bag and maintains its look, practice how to fold thobe. These detailed instructions and unique methods will help you become an expert at folding a thobe. Maintain your clothes' impeccable appearance, whether packing for a trip or sorting through your closet!


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