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How to Know My Abaya Size?

The abaya is a classic garment for modest and elegant dressing. If this is your first buying experience, you may wonder, 'How to know my abaya size?' After all, it is essential for comfort and style when buying your first abaya or expanding your collection.

Al-Haq Thobes presents a detailed guide on 'How to know my abaya size?' so that it fits you perfectly every time.

How Do I Choose Abaya Size?

Standard sizes for abayas typically range from small to extra-large. Different women have different body types. Therefore, it is essential to use accurate measurements instead of assuming your regular clothes size for a perfect fit.

Abaya Size Chart

Refer to our abaya sizing chart when you have your measurements. It is vital because different sellers have subtle differences in sizing.

How to Take Measurements for Abaya?

Obtain the following measurements before you start:

  • Measure around the area of your bust that is the fullest.
  • Measure around the natural waistline of your body.
  • Measure around the area where your hips are the widest.
  • Determine the length of your preferred abaya by measuring from the top of your shoulder.

Make Accurate Calculations

If you are measuring yourself, ensure the tape is just the right amount of snug. Don't hold your breath or tuck your tummy in when standing naturally.

Choose an ankle- or sole-length abaya, depending on your preference. It will affect the length measurement.

Things to Look for in an Ideal Fit

  • Choose a bigger size if the abaya is made of a stretchy fabric.
  • Make sure the sleeves comfortably extend past your wrists.
  • Think about the fit and looseness of your abaya. Some people want things to fit loosely and flowy, while others want something more fitted.
  • Please be mindful that body-fitted abayas compromise the purpose of their religious and cultural values. Therefore, choose wisely!

Seeking Professional Guidance

Please contact us for assistance if you have any questions regarding your measurements or are unsure of a size. Our customer support agents can help you choose the correct size based on your measurements and preferences.

Try on many sizes to get the perfect fit. Doing so guarantees an ideal buying experience.

The Bottom Line

It is crucial to learn 'How to know my abaya size?' for a snug and recommended fit. Be mindful of an abaya's religious values, traditional touch, precise measurements, and accurate size charts. Choose the ideal abaya for your wardrobe with assurance.

Feel free to ask for advice or try on several butterfly abayas until you discover the one that fits perfectly!


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