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How to Wash a Thobe?

Wearing clean and tidy clothes is what makes your personality shine. Regarding thobes, it represents tradition, style, and cultural identity. But how to wash a thobe?

Thawb (thobe or tobe) is a proudly worn article by men. It frequently conveys the wearer's background and ideals.

You must maintain your clothes by keeping them clean and safe. It ensures its longevity and quality. To guarantee that a thobe keeps its form, colour, and texture after washing, it must be done carefully and with attention to detail.

Al-Haq Thobes Shop presents a detailed guide on how to wash a thobe to do justice with your attires that they deserve!

Prerequisites of Washing Thawb

For detailed cleaning instructions, examine the care label on your robe. Err on the side of caution. Use mild washing techniques if the labels are missing or have faded. To avoid causing damage during washing, remove any buttons or ornamental trimmings from the tobe or other attachments.

How to Properly Wash Traditional Thobe?

Prefer hand washing method over machine washing for delicate fabrics. Warm water should be in a washbasin or basin. A mild detergent is secure for delicate fabric.

Add detergent into the water and mix it.

Submerge the thawb for half an hour. This process helps the fabric loosen its stains.

Scrub out stains by gently rubbing with your hands or using a brush with soft bristles.

Method of Machine Washing

It is all right to machine wash your robe if it is composed of firmer material, such as cotton. Use a soft cycle with cold water and a light detergent to prevent shrinking or fading. Before putting the dress in the washing machine, turn it inside to save any delicate needlework or decorations.


After cleaning, gently press the towel between fresh towels to remove any remaining water. If you wring or twist the cloth, it may stretch or distort. Reshape the towel to its original size by flat it on a fresh, dry towel. Let the air dry away from heat sources and direct sunlight to avoid fading.

Final Touches

Examine the thobe one more time to ensure there are no creases or stains. To remove creases, use a low-setting steam iron, being careful not to iron over any decorations or sensitive regions. To keep the thobe wrinkle-free and fresh until its next use, hang it in a well-ventilated place or store it carefully in a garment bag.

The Bottom Line

Learning how to wash a thobe demands care, patience, and a delicate touch. By following these instructions, you can guarantee that your robe will stay spotless, colourful, and clean for many years to come. Always make sure to read the care label and wash your beloved Moroccan thobes gently to maintain the integrity of the fabric and craftsmanship.


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