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Moroccan Thobes for Eid ul Adha in UK

Islam has blessed Muslims with two annual celebrations: Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. Eid Al-Adha is around the corner. If you're living in the United Kingdom, you might be looking for the best eid dress for you and your family. Well, your quest is over now! Al-Haq Thobes Shop offers the best Moroccan thobes for Eid ul Adha in UK!

Wear Your Best Dress: Moroccan Thobes for Eid ul Adha in UK

If you haven't worn a thawb before, now is the time to don one! Here's why you should select djellaba from our collection:

Rich Cultural Heritage

The long and rich history of gallabea is a testament to the country's creativity and artistry.

Stylish and Practical

A tobe's loose-fitting style offers great comfort, making it ideal for a day of celebrations and prayer.

Variety to Fit Every Taste

There is a djellaba to fit every unique taste. Our collection ranges from traditional white tobes to ones embellished with delicate embroidery or contrasting trimmings.

Eid Significance

You can celebrate this eid with grace and dignity. The modest naturality of our thobes goes hand in hand with the holiday's essence.

Accessorise Your Eid Costume With Us!

You can add the following extras to complement this year's Eid look!


Wear your thobe with a cosy pair of serwal or ankle-length pants in a hue that complements it.


Adding a traditional head covering, such as a sheshkhan, to your Eid dress gives it a sense of ethnic authenticity.

Leather Footwear

For a professional appearance, pair your jillaba with chic leather sandals or shoes.


Accessorising should be subtle. Think of a graceful watch or a tasbih prayer bead.

The Bottom Line

Introspection, thankfulness, and celebration with loved ones are the hallmarks of Eid al-Adha. Wear a djellaba this year; choose from our best Moroccan thobes for Eid ul Adha in UK!

Don a unique ethnic style while celebrating this great event with elegance and utmost respect!


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