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Types of Thobes

In the Muslim world, the thawb (thobe or tobe) is a dress for men, rich in tradition and cultural significance. There are enormous types of thobes worn by men worldwide. This traditional ankle-length robe is known by different names depending on the region.

The thawb was initially created for the hot and dry Middle Eastern climate. It was a functional and modest garment that upheld Islamic values and protected its wearer from the sun.

Thawb: From Modest Origins to Stylish Blossom

Tradition is different from where the tobe's narrative ends. It has assiduously assimilated into the contemporary fashion fabric. The variety of designs, fabrics, stitching, and decorations available in today's thobes is astounding. Every version embraces modern trends while showcasing the vast richness of Islamic tradition.

Types of Thobes

Let's explore some of these fascinating variants. These are becoming increasingly well-known among Muslim men worldwide.

Saudi Thawb

Known for its simple beauty and clean lines, this is the classic tobe. It has cuffs and a basic collar with a buttoned placket, making it ideal for any occasion.

Emirati Kandura

In the UAE, a thobe is known as kandura. It is a traditional no-collar shirt. Kanduras are made of breathable, light fabrics with elaborate eight-stitch designs on the chest and sleeves. They are frequently worn with a headscarf, known as a ghutra, and a long tassel.

Omani Thobe

Like the Emirati kandura, the Omani tobe (or qamis) has a front collar with a more subdued yet colourful embroidered design. It is typically worn with a traditional Omani shemagh or a colourful kufi.

Moroccan Thobe (Djellaba)

In the world of tobes, a brilliant pop of colour is evident in Moroccan thobes (djellaba, jillaba, or gallabea). These are made of light materials and have beautiful embroidery. In addition, half-sleeved gallabea are trendy these days. Some contemporary designs even include hoods.

Kuwaiti Dishdasha

The dishdasha embodies elegance and simplicity. It is a symbol of respect in Kuwaiti culture. These robes are made from high-quality materials. They have a thin fit and a single-button collar.

Regional Differences Beyond Boundaries

The types of thobes go beyond the Arabian Peninsula. Here's an overview of some geographical distinctions to be made

Qatari Thobe

Qatari robes are crafted from glossy materials. They have a contemporary style akin to a work shirt. A straight fit, broad cuffs, and a stiff shirt collar define its silhouette.

Bahraini Tobe

The Bahraini thawb is the pinnacle of luxury. It has intricate embroidery on the sleeves, chest, and collar. However, it has a restricted availability.

Sudani Thobe

Sudani robes are made from a generously cut cotton blend. They prioritise comfort and are perfect for year-round wear. It has loose sleeves and a broad chest for optimal mobility.

South Asian Thobe

Using rich colours and intricate patterns, the South Asian tobe is a lively statement of ethnic flare. The front panel or neckline is embellished with detailed needlework made of materials that range from basic cotton to opulent silks.

Choose Embroidered Elegance or Casual Comfort

The thobe caters to everything. The casual thobe puts comfort first for daily use and is made of breathable materials like cotton blends. Stitching or embroidery done in small quantities conveys a carefree yet elegant look.

The embroidery collection provides cultural robes where grace and craftsmanship come together for those looking for a hint of extravagance. Every tobe has exquisite decorations and exquisite Arabic calligraphy, all of which are custom-tailored for a flawless fit.

Vibrant Expression

Thobe's tale has always involved colour in a significant manner. Traditionally, robes were dyed a range of colours to signify wealth and style. Colour no longer determines your social standing, yet the practice of decorating with colourful materials and accents endures.

The choice of hue is ultimately subjective. Wear whatever makes you feel good. However, for a relaxed and casual style in hot climes, white remains the most practical choice, reflecting light and heat well.

The Bottom Line

Visit Al-Haq Thobes Shop today! We offer different types of thobes. There's a thawb waiting to be found, whether you're looking for something that honours your ancestry, something for a particular event, or just something comfy to wear every day. Please take a look at our vast collection and start your adventure of cultural robes!


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