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What is Worn Over a Thobe?

Thawb (thobe or tobe) is a distinctive sign of heritage and elegance in the complex tapestry of regional apparel. It is a long robe-like garment that covers you with modesty. But what is worn over a thobe?

A thawb is called kandura or dishdasha. This ankle-length outfit embodies class and simplicity. However, many men need clarification about what is worn over a thobe to make it look royal.

Al-Haq Thobes Shop provides detailed insight. We provide a range of versatile accessories that you can pair with Middle Eastern and Moroccan thobes.

Ghutra: An Eternal Headdress

The ghutra, often referred to as a keffiyeh or shemagh, is one of the most recognisable objects worn over a kandura. This square-shaped piece of clothing is carefully folded and placed atop the head. It is often made of cotton or a combination of cotton and polyester. It is both practical and cultural. It represents local identity while shielding you from heat and sand in hot and dry weather.

Agal: A Symbol of Tradition and Authority

The agal is a circular piece of traditionally crafted black rope or string. It holds the ghutra in place. In certain Bedouin civilisations, the agal gives the outfit a unique touch and denotes power and tribal allegiance. It is worn over the ghutra. It provides a valuable way to hold it in place, particularly in windy situations.

Bisht: The Royal Outer Garment

A bisht is frequently worn over the dishdasha for formal gatherings or special occasions. It adds even more refinement to the outfit. It has a flowing fabric and elaborate embroidery. It resembles a cloak and has its roots in Arabian Peninsula culture. It is made of wool or lightweight fabric.

The Bisht adds a touch of regal splendour to your outfit as it drapes beautifully over the shoulders.

Footwear: Completing the Ensemble

Shoes are vital in finishing off the traditional clothing worn over a tobe. A common type of footwear in various cultures is the leather sandal, often called a na'al.

Keeping a sense of heritage and elegance, these simple yet sturdy sandals are comfortable and functional. They make them perfect for crossing sandy terrain.

Contemporary Interpretations and Customisation

Traditional clothing has a strong cultural and historical foundation. However, due to individual tastes and current interpretations, people wear it differently.

The Bottom Line

Knowing what is worn over a thobe offers a variety of accessories. These include traditional footwear, keffiyeh, and agal. These iconic clothing items hold great cultural significance when worn over thobes. Every component adds to the overall grace and allure of the piece. Wearing clothing over a thawb symbolises the lasting influence of fashion and cultural history!


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