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Where are Thobes Made?

A thawb (thobe or tobe) is traditional clothing for men in many regions of the world, especially in the Middle East and North Africa. These dresses are now seen everywhere. However, where are thobes made? Do only North African or Middle Eastern countries manufacture them? Or are non-natives also running thawbs' businesses?

Thobes are sometimes referred to as dishdashas or kanduras. These ankle-length robes are used for both official and informal gatherings. They are frequently composed of lightweight cloth. However, precisely where are thobes made?

Historical Origins

With roots in the Middle East, dishdashas have a centuries-long history. In the past, they were created by talented craftspeople using textiles purchased locally.

Generations of people have learned to make tobes. Each region contributes its distinct flair to the design and aesthetic.

Customised Artisanship

Traditionally, most kanduras were fashioned by hand in little workshops or by neighbourhood tailors. Artisans would carefully cut and stitch the fabric. They focus on every little detail.

Cotton or linen towels are breathable in scorching desert conditions. The combination of these two is often used.

Contemporary Production

The process of making robes has changed due to technological improvements and the growth of mass manufacturing. Many of these dresses are made in sizable factories using state-of-the-art equipment.

A large portion of the production process is automated for efficiency. However, specific old-fashioned techniques, such as delicate embroidery or hand-sewn detailing, are still used.

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Worldwide Production

Thawbs are produced in several Middle Eastern and North African nations. They comprise distinct regional styles and handicrafts. Excellent tobes are made in several countries.

  • Yemen
  • Oman
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Egypt
  • Tunisia
  • Morocco

Superior Materials

The materials utilised in the creation of a tobe frequently determine its quality. Superior-grade robes are generally composed of natural fibres like linen or cotton. These fabrics are renowned for their comfort and longevity.

These textiles are either imported from areas well known for producing textiles or acquired locally.

Handmade Elements

Numerous items still have the hallmark of handmade craftsmanship, even in this day of mass manufacturing. To improve the garment's visual appeal, these elements are often used:

  • Hand-finished embellishments
  • Delicate stitching
  • Intricate embroidery

These handcrafted details enhance the thobe's beauty and demonstrate the artisans' ability and knowledge.

The Bottom Line

The Middle East and North Africa are home to several nations that produce thawbs. Our UK Al-Haq Thobes Shop adds to the rich tapestry of patterns and designs. The process of making thobes has changed throughout time. It has shifted from handicraft to contemporary manufacture while maintaining its cultural value. No matter where are thobes made, these are manufactured by expert artisans. They are manufactured in cutting-edge factories, embodying tradition, refinement, and cultural identity


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