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Where to Buy Abaya in London?

Do you live in the UK but are searching for modest wear like thawbs and butterfly abayas? Are you stuck in the thoughts of where to buy abaya in London? There's nowhere else to look other than Al-Haq Thobes!

Selecting the ideal abaya for daily wear or a particular event was difficult. Now, it has become simpler to get fashionable, high-quality abayas right here in London—thanks to the growth of the Islamic modest collection Al-Haq Thobes, catering to the fashion needs of men and women of all ages!

Welcome to our Store!

Originally a family-run enterprise, Al-Haq Thobes has become a popular choice for traditional Islamic apparel. We are dedicated to offering a broad selection of styles and designs. We supply a variety of thobes and abayas acquired from different native roots.

Inclusivity and Diversity

Diversity and inclusiveness are among our fundamental principles. We are aware that every person has a different taste in fashion. Because of this, our selection offers something for every taste - be it an elegant abaya for daily wear or a classic thobe for a special event.

Outstanding Client Care

Providing excellent customer service is as crucial as providing products. Our professionals are committed to ensure your shopping satisfaction!.

We will assist you throughout the whole purchasing process. Our goal is to make your buying experience enjoyable, reliable, and unforgettable!

Participation in Community Funds

We emphasise participation in charitable activities. We regularly work with nonprofits to contribute a percentage of our earnings to help the underprivileged.

Choosing us means supporting worthwhile social causes and investing in high-quality apparel.

Shipping Regulations

We strive to be reliable and efficient, as our shipping policy reflects. If you need your order delivered quickly, select urgent shipping. It usually takes 1-2 working days.

We promptly process your orders and deliver them every day of the week, except bank holidays.

Please be aware that you (the buyer) are liable for any customs or tax charges associated with orders from abroad.

The Bottom Line

We offer a reliable and reputable solution to your quest for where to buy abaya in London. We aim to give you a flawless shopping experience using our commitment to quality, variety, outstanding customer service, and community participation.

We are grateful you are considering Al-Haq Thobes for your Islamic apparel requirements!


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