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White Emirati Thobe vs Green Emirati Thobe

Men in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) wear the Emirati thobe, also called the kandura. It is their national attire. Kanduras are available in different colours. This debate on white Emirati thobe vs green Emirati thobe will help you decide the hue that complements your style!

A thawb (thobe or tobe) is a long, baggy clothing. It symbolises cultural importance and usefulness while satisfying Islamic terms of modesty.

This fairly modest men's outfit contains many subtle changes, especially in terms of hue. Al-Haq Thobes Shop helps you decide between white Emirati thobe and green Emirati thobe.

The White Emirati Kandura: The Lasting Elegance

When it comes to formal clothing for Emiratis, the white kandura is the ultimate choice. Its pure hue conveys an air of occasion, cleanliness, and purity. This is the reason it's still a classic:

Cultural Significance

In Emirati culture, white is highly esteemed and frequently connected to formal rituals and religious observances. Donning a white tobe is a symbol of deference to customs and compliance with social decorum.


The white kandura is a blank canvas. Therefore, it easily accommodates a wide range of accessories, such as the black band and headscarf or shemag.

This preserves a reputable appearance while enabling personalisation.


White is perfect for the hot temperatures in the United Arab Emirates. It reflects sun rays. This colour guarantees breathability and comfort throughout the day with a relaxed fit.

The Green Emirati Thawb: A Style Declaration

While formal settings tend to choose white, the green tobe provides a light option for daily use. This is how it differs:

Colour Symbolism

Green is frequently connected to development, wealth, and the natural world. Selecting a green kandura is a subdued method to convey uniqueness and a cosier atmosphere.

Fashionable Option

Green thawbs are available in a range of tones, from pale olive to rich emerald. This allows one to experiment with alternative appearances and satisfy personal preferences.

Modern Appeal

Many people consider the green thobe a more modern interpretation of traditional attire. It appeals to a younger demographic that values both fashion and cultural history.

White Emirati Thobe vs Green Emirati Thobe

The following situations ultimately determine whether to wear a white or green kandura:

Formal Events

The white thawb is the outfit of choice for formal events, church meetings, and other gatherings requiring a high level of formality.

Informal Settings

The green thobe is a fashionable and cosy substitute for informal events, get-togethers, and daily wear.

Additional Factors to Consider

Consider the following aspects while choosing the thawb of your choice!


Lightweight, breathable materials like cotton or linen are usually used to make both white and green towels. Consider the particular weather and your own comfort level preferences.


Certain thobes have subtle needlework on the pockets, sleeves, and collar. This provides a sophisticated touch and is available in green and white.

The Bottom Line

So, now you know the debatable factors regarding white Emirati thobe vs green Emirati thobe. These kanduras are rich in cultural and traditional aspects. Knowing the subtleties of each hue helps you choose the ideal outfit for every situation. Show off your sense of style and respect for your history at the same time.


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